When I was employed by Go Media in 2015, I was entrusted with the responsibility of designing the promotional material for the sixth Weapons of Mass Creations Fest. 

Above is the main WMC Fest 6 event poster.
To learn more behind the concept of the poster, check out an article I wrote for Go Media's blog.
• To learn more about the technical process of creating the poster, check out part II. 

In addition to the event poster, I created promotional images for social media, designs for merchandise, signage, Staff/Backstage/VIP passes, a WMC Fest 6 Kid's t-shirt and more. Below are some examples of said promotional material. 

WMC Fest 6 Alternate Poster

WMC Fest 6 Alternate Poster

Framed Limited Edition Screen Printed WMC Fest 6 Poster (18" x 24") 

Framed Alternate WMC Fest 6 Poster (11" x 17")

WMC Fest 6 Kid's T-Shirt

WMC Fest 6 Screen Printed Tote Bag

WMC Fest 6 Staff Badge

WMC Fest 5 Promo Video
(Yes, I do dance choreography as well.)